Egypt The Time of Pharaohs


In conjunction with the Royal BC Museum’s feature exhibition, on until December 31st 2018.

The Nile, the ‘lifeline’ of the country, determines life in ancient Egypt.  It defines the seasons and structures the calendar.  The fertile Nile mud that remains after the annual flooding leads to prosperity, while its absence causes famine.  At the beginning of the third millennium BC, religion, writing, state, agriculture, architecture and art develop at a breathtaking pace in Egypt.  A society characterized by extraordinary diversity and religious belief is established.  Until today, there is no comparable development: it remains the secret of this past culture that thinks it is at the centre of the cosmos – firmly rooted in its belief in the afterlife and strongly committed to ethical norms.  Although the hierarchical structure of the society affects both public and private life, it also offers opportunities for the individual and allows for great diversity at work, in family and everyday life.  Worker, priest or pharaoh – every single person in ancient Egypt contributes to the development of this advanced civilization.

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2018, PB, 57 pages

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