Cheryl Alexander is a conservation photographer working worldwide to ensure protection of wilderness and wildlife. Through visual documentation and storytelling, she hopes to inspire passion and action that will protect the imperilled wild in our world for future generations. She has been studying and documenting Takaya’s life on both Discovery and Chatham islands for years. Cheryl’s film about this remarkable animal, Takaya: Lone Wolf, has been broadcast on CBC and the BBC to great acclaim and will be touring various film festivals throughout 2020 and 2021. Cheryl’s other books about Takaya published by RMB include Takaya: Lone WolfGood Morning, Takaya, and Takaya’s Journey. Follow Cheryl on Instagram @takayalonewolf and @cherwildawake or visit her website at Cheryl lives in Victoria, BC.

Alex Van Tol has written numerous fiction and non-fiction books for young readers with Orca Book Publishers, the Royal BC Museum and Crabtree Publishing. A former middle-school teacher, Alex facilitates workshops in mental health and mindfulness, advises organizations on culture and team cohesion, and coaches private clients in neuroplasticity. You can find out more about her at Alex lives in Victoria, BC, with her two sons.