Auction Item #2 Carved Wooden Door Panel

WINNING BID $2100.00


Designed by Vancouver artist Lionel Thomas, these teak doors were commissioned by the Province of BC and have graced the Royal BC Museum’s entrances since it opened in 1967.  Made from five teak panels.

This panel has some damage to it that renders it unsafe to use as a door, but it is a unique and very special collectable piece of art and history.

From a pamphlet produced in 1968 on the symbolism of the carved doors at the new museum and archives:

“The large triadic tree form is symbolic of our basic economy, the wood culture of the Indigenous culture (sic) re carving.  It should be noted that the triadic shape is reflected in other areas of the museum: for example, the push plates, graffito carvings, murals and lighting fixtures.

Other symbols in the door design:

The varied thrush – a common British Columbia bird

The Dogwood – the floral emblem of British Columbia

Kwakuitl dancers

A long house

Water, mountains, and the sun – symbolic of our terrain

The Canada goose and mountain goats for animal and bird life

The Spanish galleon – for white man’s arrival in coastal waters of British Columbia

31.5″w x 82″x 1.5″d

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