ANGKOR: The Lost Empire of Cambodia

Sophie Biard and Damian Evans


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This companion catalogue to the exhibition Angkor: The Lost Empire of Cambodia is now available in store and online!

Filled with amazing photographs of the temple complex and the spectacular artworks and original artifacts from ancient Angkor which are featured in the exhibition.  This guide to the exhibition is both a wonderful memento of your visit and a great testament to the inspiring temple complex and the Khmer people.

The great temple complex of Angkor stands among the most remarkable achievements in human history, embodying feats of architecture and engineering that remain unmatched even today, eight centuries after the pinnacle of its glory.  The awe-inspiring collection of hundreds of temples – including Angkor Wat – has fascinated countless generations of locals, visitors, pilgrims and scholars, and our understanding of Angkor and its vast empire is constantly evolving.  Today, it is a vibrant, living, heritage landscape inhabited by the descendants of those who built Angkor, the Khmer people, who maintain the temple complex as an active place of worship even as it draws millions of visitors a year

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June 2023, PB, 67 pages

ISBN 9783950466461


Sophie Biard PhD, is an art historian specializing in Cambodia and an associate researcher of the Institut d’Aste Orientale in Lyon, France. Her work focuses on the art and material culture of the Angkorian world, in tracing the ways in which collections of artifacts have emerged over the years in Cambodia and internationally, and on studying how objects of Khmer art have been conserved and displayed since the 19th century.  From 2014 to 2018 she worked with the Ecole francaise d’Extreme-Orient, Paris (EFEO) on research at the stone conservation laboratory of the National Museum of Cambodia, and since 2020 has been based in the Angkor region carrying out postdoctoral research on collections of sanctuary.

Damian Evans PhD, is a researcher at the Ecole francaise d’Extreme-Orient, Paris, whose work in Southeast Asia draws on fields such as archaeology, data science and the geosciences with a view to understanding the relationship between humans and the environment from the deep past to the present.  Following the award of a PhD in archaeology from the University of Sydney, he was the founding Director of the University’s Research Centre in Cambodia until joining EFEO.  He currently leads several major research initiatives in the Southeast Asia region and it the author of several books and articles on Angkor.

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