Black Leaf Earrings


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These fun faux leather earrings are handcrafted using ‘leather’ polymer clay and millefiori canes. These incredibly lightweight dangly earrings are fun statement pieces with hint of a cool 80s vibe!

The stainless-steel stud posts are imbedded into the clay rounds for durability.

Approx 2″ (52.5mm) in length.

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Wanda Shum is a B.C. grown artist who was formally trained in Electronic Communication Design at the Emily Carr College of Art and Design; she’s been an independent artist for over 18 years with a variety of works to her name. All her work has embodied an attention to detail in form and function. Wanda’s works are recognized for their bright and whimsical qualities.

Currently, she’s working with polymer clays in a technique called ‘millefiori’. ‘Millefiori’ or ‘A Thousand Flowers’ is a traditional Venetian glass art that involve the formation of a cane-like sculpture with fused glass rods that has a pattern throughout. The modern version of this is created by laying different coloured polymer clays together. Then the cane is sliced to reveal the design within. Wanda describes ‘millefiori’ as a combination of painting and sculpting.


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