Brittle Stars, Sea Urchins and Feather Stars of BC, Southeast Alaska and Puget Sound

Philip Lambert and William C. Austin


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In this third and final handbook on BC’s echinoderms, Philip Lambert and William Austin describe 34 species of brittle stars, sea urchins and feather stars inhabiting the coastal waters of BC, the Alaska Panhandle and Puget Sound.

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2007, paperback, 176 pages

b/w illustrations, colour photos

ISBN 978-07726-5618-6

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As with Lambert’s other books – on the sea stars and sea cucumbers – this one contains photographs and illustrations to help identify the species in each class: 24 brittle stars, 8 sea urchins and 2 feather stars. The species descriptions provide all the details to satisfy the professional biologist, yet the easy-going style of the authors makes this book suitable for anyone interested in coastal marine life.

For each class of echinoderms, the authors describe anatomical features, behaviour, reproduction, feeding, parasites and predators. The species described live in the shallow waters to a depth of 200 metres; species lists include all known species in the region, even those in deeper water. Each account contains descriptive and comparative biology, with illustrations and photographs, as well as more details on the life and habits of the animal.

The book includes a selection of colour photographs to help with identification.

Royal BC Museum Handbook.


About the Authors

Philip Lambert was formerly a curator of marine invertebrates at the Royal BC Museum. Dr William C. Austin is director of the Marine Ecology Centre in Sidney, BC, and principal of the Khoyatan Marine Laboratory research facility.

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