Coasters – Summer Series


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With vibrant colours, simple curves, and bold landscapes, artist Duane Murrin captures the beauty of British Columbia. This set of 4 coasters features Island Sunset, Lynn Canyon, Telegraph Cove and Jerry’s Cabin. Each coaster is laminated on hardboard and has a cork back.  Packaged in a clear box.

Designed and made in Canada.

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Mainly a self-taught artist, Duane Murrin made a progression into landscape painting after working for many years in graphic design. Some sources of his inspiration include the spongy foliage of the Group of Seven, the French curves of Art Nouveau and its resurgence in the San Francisco poster art of the 1960’s.

The majority of Duane’s training is in Music composition and he is constantly amazed at how closely the theories of art and music parallel each other. An insight in one leads to an insight in the other, allowing the muse to excite from different directions.

Living on the West Coast of Canada has provided Duane with an abundance of visual stimulation. “I love to search for locations that are seasoned with character. I look for trees with personality, twisting and writhing with stories to tell, their roots wound into undulating hills alive with golden moss and tall grasses. Where sunlight filters through wind blown branches to dance in geometric patterns on the forest floor. I seek to capture the essence of such places and personify them. Refining their elements down to the most fundamental form to make a bold visual statement”.


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