Great Expectations: Reflections on Museums and Canada

Jack Lohman


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A provocative, progressive rejoinder to the status quo, from the perspective of a disrupter and global leader in the museum world.

The challenge to transform museums is apologetically real and complicated. But everything we learn about reconciliation, science and  biodiversity, climate change, and sustainability gives us the confidence and freedom to break through the conventions of the past.
Each essay in this collection emphasizes key features that are driving change in museums, such as globalization, society, authenticity and technology. Each raises anew older themes within the canon of museology: information versus knowledge, diversity and plurality, the unending accumulation of objects and the incompleteness of collections, modes of perception and insularity. What emerges is a new way of being a museum that is outward looking and global, and which allows space for chaos and surprise.

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September 2019, PB, 240 pages

ISBN 9780772673039

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Professor Jack Lohman is Chief Executive Officer of the Royal BC Museum.

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