Haida Crescent Moon 22″


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Haida Crescent Moon features the work of renowned Haida Indigenous artist Clarence Mills which has been reproduced with his permission onto locally milled sustainable wood.
Each wood canvas will vary with its style of grain, colour and markings. We like to think of it as having its own personality. Due to this, your print may look slightly different than the picture shown.
Each wood canvas is surprisingly easy to hang. A routed groove runs the entire width of the print and simply secures with the use of a wall hook or nail.
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At the age of 18, Clarence Mills was influenced by his uncle, Doug Wilson, an established Haida artist and author, to pursue his own calling of becoming an artist. Since then Clarence has become a World renowned artist creating artwork in the cultural tradition and style of his people.
Haida Crescent Moon or Kuu.ngaay kiixadxa
A powerful symbol for Spiritual guidance, the Moon is known to watch over the earth as a protector and guardian. The Moon governs human emotions, controls the tides and cycles of the Earth and acts as a guardian of souls and is recognized as something, unlike may things, that will always exist.  
Made in Canada using locally milled sustainable wood.


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