New Perspectives on the Gold Rush


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Edited by Kathryn Bridge

In 1858, reports of gold found on the Fraser River spurred tens of thousands of people – mostly men – to rush into the territory we now call British Columbia. They came with visions of fortune in their eyes. The lucky ones struck it rich, but most left penniless or died trying for the motherlode. Some stayed behind and helped build the colony and the province of British Columbia.

New Perspectives on the Gold Rush presents 10 insightful essays by historians, curators and heritage professionals that offer different views on familiar stories, introduce new ways of examining the gold-rush years and explore the legacies of the event and the gold seekers who stayed on. The result is a different kind of history book, one that challenges your views on this pivotal time in Canada’s history.

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May 2015, 192 pages

ISBN 9780772668547



Introduction by Kathryn Bridge

Pre-Hispanic Metalwork of Colombia by María Alicia Uribe Villegas, Juan Pablo Quintero Guzmán and Héctor García Botero

The British Columbia Commonwealth: Gold Seekers and the Rush for Freedom by Daniel Marshall

Images and Intention: Early BC Gold Rushes Seen Through the Eyes of Painters and Photographers by Don Bourdon

Chinese Footprints in the Fraser River Gold Rush by Lily Chow

Trans-Pacific Gold Mountain Trade: Traces of Material Culture from BC’s Gold Rush by Tzu-I Chung

Women in the Fraser and Cariboo Gold Rushes by Marie Elliott

Conflict in the New El Dorado by Daniel Marshall

Another Wooden City in the Rocks: Historic Places of the Gold Rush in BC by Jennifer Iredale

After the Gold Rush: The History of Barkerville Historic Town by Judy Campbell

The Gold Rush and Confederation by Lorne Hammond

Dr Kathryn Bridge is a historian, archivist and museum curator. She has written several books on historical figures in BC, including By Snowshoe, Buckboard & Steamer (about BC’s frontier women), which won the 1998 Lieutenant-Governor’s Medal for Historical Writing, and most recently Emily Carr in England (RBCM 2014).




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