Pondweeds and Bur-reeds and their Relatives of British Columbia

T. Christopher Brayshaw


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“A must for any botanical collection.” — Ross Archibald, The Victoria Naturalist

2000, paperback, 256 pages

b/w illustrations

ISBN 978-0-7718-9574-6


Monocotyledons are a major group of flowering plants that have embryos with only one seed leaf. This group comprises four orders and 14 families of plants in freshwater and marine environments. The most populous families are pondweeds and bur-reeds, but others are water-plantains, arrow-grasses, sea-grasses, arums (including Skunk Cabbage), duckweeds, water-meals and cat-tails.

Dr Brayshaw’s finely detailed illustrations and diagnostic keys help identify all species in this book.


About the Author

T. Christopher Brayshaw is curator emeritus of Botany at the Royal BC Museum. He has written major works on several important groups of plants in British Columbia.

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