Rodents and Lagomorphs of British Columbia

David W. Nagorsen


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This book covers all 52 species of lagomorphs (rabbits and pikas) and rodents in the province. Though many people regard these small mammals as pests, their importance to BC’s many ecosystems cannot be overlooked. David Nagorsen discusses their general biology, including ecology, diet, anatomy, conservation and relations with humans.

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2005, paperback, 400 pages

b/w illustrations and photographs

ISBN 978-0-7726-5232-4

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Rodents comprise the world’s largest and most diverse group of mammals, and 45 species live in BC, ranging in size from the tiny Western Harvest Mouse to the bulky Beaver and in abundance from the ubiquitous Deer Mouse to the rare and endangered Vacouver Island Marmot. Just 7 lagomorph species inhabit this province: 5 hares and rabbits, a 2 pikas.

David Nagorsen describes each species, its behaviour, identifying characteristics, taxonomy and conservation status. Each account has a distribution map and illustrations of the animal and its skull.

“This important and carefully produced book will be the definitive reference for our province for many years to come. I cannot recommend it highly enough to naturalists and biologists of all levels.” – Christine Adkins, Discovery, Nature Vancouver.

Royal BC Museum Handbook.
Volume 4 of the Mammals of British Columbia.


About the Author

David Nagorsen is a biological consultant based in Victoria. He has studied mammals in BC for many years and has published several books on them, including three handbooks in the Mammals of BC series: Bats of BC (with R.M. Brigham),Opossums, Shrews & Moles of BC and Rodents & Lagomorphs of BC.

Other books by David Nagorsen:
Carnivores of British Columbia (with David Hatler and Alison Beal)
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