Small Journal – Hase’


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This 4.8” X 6.9” journal carries the work of renowned Salish and Kwakwaka’wakw artist Andy Everson. Featuring a spiral binding, padded hardcover and magnetic closure, this journal has 144 pages of extra thick, high quality paper for your notes, sketches or thoughts.

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Andy describes his design Hase’:

From across the room, you’d know Glenny was there. You’d hear his infectious laugh and see those mischievous eyes and dimples. He’d go out of his way to say “hi” and to visit with friends and family; he’d go out of his way to help out in any way possible. You knew that he had something within him that you don’t see every day. He had a special hase’, or breath of life, passed down from his ancestors. It guided him to live a life driven by his culture and his love for family, yet tempered by his innate desire to have fun and to laugh and to play.

Glenny would love to spend time in and around his village of Gwa’yi. He would head up into the mountains to sit and connect with his territory: breathing the air of the trees and the wolves and his ancestors. He would carry that hase’ into the bighouse where he would take on the role of several men. With his friendly demeanor, he would make the uncomfortable feel at ease, but wouldn’t be afraid to correct those making mistakes. Bighouse law is bighouse law and Glen would use his breath to enforce its rules.

By being in the same room, same bighouse and same community we have breathed the same air. By sharing laughs and tears, we have come to share in Glen’s hase’. Our ancestral hase’ is within each of us and we share it through the words that pass on to one another. We continue our way of life by passing these words on to our children. It is comforting to know that Glen’s hase’ has passed onto his children and has been shared with each and every one of us this weekend.



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