Tales From the Attic

Colleen Wilson


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Has your silver lost its lustre? Have your photos faded? Has the family quily come undone?

Fear not. In this entertaining and easy-to-read book, Colleen Wilson will help you keep your most precious household possessions in pristine condition.

“This is a delightful read, entertaining, witty … a delicious addition to any collectibles library.” – Dan Hoffman, Muse

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2002, paperback, 126 pages

b/w illustrations

ISBN 978-0-7726-4638-5

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Wilson gives good advice on caring for personal treasures. With wit, charm and a sincere respect for entropy, she describes:

  • how to preserve valuables made of gold, silver, leather, plastic and ivory;
  • how to care for books, art, quilts, baskets, medals, wedding dresses, gems, furs, video tapes, wooden furniture, carpets and even old guns;
  • how to deal with problems caused by light, humidity, oily fingers and pests;
  • and much more.

She even gives advice on drying flowers, cleaning heirloom clothing and creating your own time capsule. This book is perfect for anyone interested in keeping their prized possessions for their children’s children’s children.


About the Author

Colleen Wilson has been a textile conservator at the Royal BC Museum since 1981. She holds a BA in History in Art, with a specialty in medieval architecture, from the University of Victoria. She has also completed postgraduate studies at the Textile Conservation Centre, Hampton Court Palace (University of London) in Great Britain, specializing in dyeing for conservation. This book grew from a series of articles that she wrote as conservation department handouts for frequently asked questions received from the public.



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