Carnivores of British Columbia

David F. Hatler, David W. Nagorsen and Alison M. Beal


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This Royal BC Museum handbook provides comprehensive, up-to-date information on the 21 species of wild terrestrial carnivores in the province. For each species it discusses distribution and habitat, feeding ecology, social behaviour, reproduction, issues around health and mortality, abundance, human uses, conservation and management.

2008, paperback, 416 pages

b/w illustrations, colour photographs

ISBN 978-0-7726-5869-2

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Carnivores are mammals that hunt and eat other animals, mostly herbivorous mammals. Humans share a long history with them. We fear carnivores as predators, revile them as competitors, exploit them for their fur, or admire them for their grace and beauty.

Species covered:
Dogs (Canids): Coyote, Grey Wolf, Red Fox.
Bears (Ursids): American Black Bear, Grizzly Bear.
Raccoons (Procyonids): Northern Raccoon.
Weasels and relatives (Mustelids): Sea Otter, Wolverine, Northern River Otter, American Marten, Fisher, Ermine, Long-tailed Weasel, Least Weasel, American Mink, American Badger.
Skunks (Mephitids): Striped Skunk, Western Spotted Skunk.
Cats (Felids): Cougar, Canada Lynx, Bobcat.

Carnivores of British Columbia describes each species, with illustrations of whole animals and skulls. This book will be an important educational reference for the general public, schools, naturalists and wildlife biologists.

Royal BC Museum Handbook.
Volume 5 of the Mammals of British Columbia.

“An excellent book … worth every penny of the price.” – Chris Darimont, Discovery, Nature Vancouver.


About the Authors

David Hatler is a wildlife biologist based in Enderby, specializing in the study of carnivores. He serves on the Board of Directors and Conservation Committee of the Fur Institute of Canada, as Science and Conservation Advisor for the BC Trappers Association, on the Provincial Hunting Regulations & Allocations Advisory Committee, and on the executive board of the Habitat Conservation Trust Fund.David Nagorsen is a biological consultant based in Victoria. He has studied mammals in BC for many years and has published several books on them, including three handbooks in the Mammals of BC series: Bats of BC (with R.M. Brigham),Opossums, Shrews & Moles of BC and Rodents & Lagomorphs of BC. Alison M. Beal has an extensive background in researching and writing popular articles and other material about furbearers and trapping. She co-wrote the 2003 edition of BC’s Furbearer Management Guidelines, the 2005-06 BCTA Trapper Education Manual and the 2006 Alberta Trapper Education ManualOther books in the Mammals of British Columbia series:
Vol. 1: Bats of British Columbia – out of print.
Vol. 6: Marine Mammals of British Columbia – coming soon.


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