Catkin-Bearing Plants of British Columbia

T. Christopher Brayshaw


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This book is an essential guide for biologists and naturalists studying forest ecology, and useful for anyone interested in trees and shrubs in British Columbia.

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1996, paperback, 220 pages

b/w illustrations

ISBN 978-0-7718-9458-9

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Catkin-bearing plants comprise an important group of trees and shrubs in British Columbia. The willows, poplars, birches, alders and other plants that produce catkins can be found almost everywhere in the province, often dominating the moister plant communities. This book describes all 67 species found in BC. Each description includes a distribution map and finely detailed illustrations by the author, an accomplished botanical illustrator. It also includes diagnostic keys.


About the Author

Dr T. Christopher Brayshaw is curator emeritus of Botany at the Royal BC Museum. He has written major works on several important groups of plants in British Columbia.

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