Henry and Self – The Private Life of Sarah Crease (2nd Edition)

Kathryn Bridge




An intimate portrait of privilege and struggle, scandal and accolade, from the Old World to the new colonies of Vancouver’s Island and British Columbia.

At the age of 33, Sarah Crease left her home in England to travel with her young family to a far-flung outpost of the British Empire on the Pacific coast of North America. The detailed journals, letters and artwork she would create over the next half century as she and her husband, Henry, established themselves in the New World offer a rich window into the private life and views of an English colonist in British Columbia. Henry & Self is a woman’s story told in her own words. But it is also a story of the times she lived in and the ways in which her class, social standing and role as a settler shaped her relationships with the world around her. Henry & Self is the personal account of a remarkable woman who lived through nearly a century of British colonial history but also a unique first-person perspective on the beliefs and motivations that shaped that history.

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May 2019, PB, 220 pages

ISBN 9780772672612

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Kathryn Bridge is an author and archivist based in Victoria, BC.  She is curator emerita of the Royal BC Museum.

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