Plant Collecting for the Amateur

T. Christopher Brayshaw


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Plant Collecting for the Amateur is a compact, indispensable guide to collecting, pressing, drying and storing plant specimens for study. It also contains information on controlling insects and general procedures for identifying plant specimens.

“A handy how-to manual written for non-professional botanical enthusiasts who wish to collect plants but have limited resources…. Following Brayshaw’s instructions, the reader will be able to prepare working plant collections suitable for personal or professional use.” — Melanie Marshall, Discovery (Vancouver Natural History Society)

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1996, paperback, 48 pages

b/w illustrations

ISBN 978-0-7718-9439-8

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From the Introduction: “Plant collecting greatly enhances the collector’s undertsanding and appreciation of the natural world. This book is addressed mainly to the collector with limited means [and] to small museums and like institutions obliged to operate on limited budgets.”

T. Christopher Brayshaw was curator emeritus of Botany at the Royal BC Museum. He has written major works on several important groups of plants in British Columbia.



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