Sea Stars of British Columbia, Southeast Alaska and Puget Sound

Philip Lambert


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“If sea stars fascinate you (and they’re pretty hard to resist on this coast) then you’ll appreciate this book. It is essential for anyone doing research involving northwest sea stars and is also a great field guide for divers and seaside naturalists.” – Echinoderm Newsletter.

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2000, paperback, 192 pages

b/w illustrations and photographs, colour photo section

ISBN 0-7748-0825-X

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In this handbook, Philip Lambert describes 43 species and subspecies of sea stars in the coastal waters of northwestern North America. The sea-star fauna of the region from Glacier Bay,Alaska, to Puget Sound in Washington, is the most diverse of all the temperate waters of the world. The great age of the Pacific Basin, and the varied habitats along this complex coastline, created by scouring glaciers and other natural forces, have stimulated the evolution of many new forms.

Sea Stars bridges the gap between academic and popular publications and is enhanced by illustrations and photographs, many in colour.
Although he covers the coastal waters down to 200 metres below the surface, Lambert lists 26 more species that live below 200 metres and 14 others that occur just outside the region covered by this book.

Royal BC Museum Handbook.


About the Author

Philip Lambert is a curator emeritus in natural history at the Royal BC Museum, where he specializes in marine biology.

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