The Book of Small

Emily Carr


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The legendary Emily Carr was acclaimed as both an artist and a writer. Her first book, Klee Wyck, won the prestigious Governor General’s Literary Award for non-fiction in 1941.

The Book of Small is a collection of thirty-six word sketches in which Emily Carr relates anecdotes about her life as a young girl in the frontier town of Victoria. She notes: “There were a great many things that I only half understood, such as saloons and the Royal Family and the Chain Gang.” The young Emily, who gave herself the nickname “Small,” was an intense, observant and sensitive yet rebellious child, who often got into scrapes because of her frankness or innocence. The vividly told stories reveal an awareness of the comedy — and pathos — of people and situations. The also offer an intimate look into childhood in a pioneer society in Victorian Times. The Book of Small is a classic memoir of early childhood and a wonderful addition to The Emily Carr Library.

In her empathetic and engaging introduction, award-winning children’s writer Sarah Ellis puts The Book of Small into the context of Emily Carr’s life and times, which, she points out, have similarities to those of Lucy Maud Montgomery and Beatrix Potter.

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Young, spirited and rebellious, Emily Carr escaped a strict Victorian household to study art in the Paris of Picasso and Matisse. In middle age, she shook the dust of acceptable society from her shoes and began a passionate journey into the wilderness of British Columbia; the power of her genius made her one of the twentieth century’s great painters. Fortunately, she also wrote. In her books, her warmth, her humanity, her sense of fun and the ridiculous combine to present a self-portrait of a remarkable woman and artist. — Mary Pratt


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