The Systematics of Lasiopogon

Robert A. Cannings


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The genus Lasiopogon is a widespread group of robber flies inhabiting north temperate regions of the Earth. This study is the first to examine the genus completely and clearly defines intrageneric relationships. It pays special attention to the male and female genitalia, important structures in the taxonomy of the genus.

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2002, hardcover,

b/w illustrations

ISBN 978-0-7726-4636-1

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Robert A. Cannings gives a cladistic overview of some defined Lasiopogon species groups, and provides a detailed taxonomic and phylogenetic analysis of the seven groups and 29 species in the opaculus section, comprising about a quarter of the genus. He then describes 14 new species in this section and redescribes the others. He also offers a biogeographic hypothesis of the history of Lasiopogon, suggesting that the genus may have originated in Laurasia as early as the late Jurassic period.


About the Author

Dr Robert A. Cannings is curator emeritus of entomology at the Royal BC Museum. He has studied robberflies, dragonflies and other insects for more than 30 years and is the author of many popular and technical publications on them.

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