Orange Shirt Day

Phyllis Webstad & Joan Sorley


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Revised 2023 Edition. 

Orange Shirt Day September 30th 

The Official Book of Orange Shirt Society

Edited and Approved by Joan Sorley & Phyllis Webstad

Orange Shirt Day was inspired by the story of a survivor named Phyllis Webstad. When Phyllis was 6 years old she went to residential school for the first time wearing a brand new shiny orange shirt. When she arrived at the school her shirt was taken away and never to be seen again.

To Phyllis the colour orange was a symbol that she did not matter. Today she has learned to accept the colour and even have fun with it and now the orange shirt has become a symbol of hope and reconciliation. By wearing an orange shirt on Orange Shirt Day, you make a powerful statement that residential schools were wrong and commit to the concept that EVERY CHILD MATTERS.

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August 2020, HC, 150 pages

ISBN 9781778540141

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The Orange Shirt Society is a nonprofit society, based in Williams Lake, BC that guides the Orange Shirt Day movement. The purposes of The Society are:

1. To support Indian Residential School reconciliation.

2. To create awareness of the individual, family and community intergenerational impacts of Indian Residential Schools through Orange Shirt Society activities.

3. To create awareness of the concept of “Every Child Matters”.


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